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Case of Ischaemic Bowel Disease

65 year old male, presented with –

Pain in Abdomen since, 4 days, which became severe since, one day.

Vomiting several times since, one day.

Constipation since, one day.

On Examination – Patient had Tachycardia, Blood Pressure was within normal limits

Per Abdominal examination – The whole abdomen had guarding and severe tenderness all over.

Distention was present.

Cinical diagnosis of Peritonitis was made,

CT scan of whole Abdomen showed Pneumatosis intestinalis i.e. Free air in the bowel wall, which is suggestive of Ischaemia of Intestine with imminenet Gangrene.

Also, it showed free air in the abdomen.

After stabilizing the patient, Emergency Exploratory Laparatomy was performed.

Gangrenous Small Bowel ( Jejunum )

Gangrenous part resected and End to End anastamosis of Small bowel Done.

Patient recovered completely after the surgery.

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