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Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is a type of Minimal Access Surgery, performed with the help of a surgical robot.

Surgical Robot has a camera arm and three mechanical arms through with specialized surgical instruments can be introduced. The surgeon sits on the console and controls the movements of the robot.

Robotic surgery gives a distinct advantage over conventional Laparoscopic surgery in following way –

1. Gives an advantage of having a 3D vision which gives precision during surgery and prevents injury to the surrounding vital structures,  thus reducing the chances of post Operative complications significantly.

2. Total 280 degrees of rotation in the instruments and 7 types of movements in the instrument helps in suturing , especially in deep cavities like pelvis ( Usually very difficult in Laparoscopic surgery ), thus avoiding the use of costly tackers and costly suture material.

3. The precise port placement with a good fulcrum effect over the abdominal wall reduces the port site pain post surgery as there is a minimal movement at the site of port placement.

4. Better ergonomics reduces the Surgeon’s fatigue during surgery, thus minimizing the mistakes while operating…. Also an advantage to the patients.

5. Helps in quick post surgical recovery and resuming early to work.

I have started with Robotic surgeries at Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital,  Mumbai & have been using surgical robot for doing Cholecystectomy ( Gall bladder removal ), Repair of all types of Groin and Abdominal wall Hernia,  Bowel resections, Rectopexy for Prolapse of Rectum, Fundoplication for Reflux disease with excellent postoperative results.

Major disadvantage of using a surgical robot being slightly higher cost as compared to Laparoscopic surgery and lack of wide spread insurance cover. But with more and more use of surgical robots in routine surgeries,  these problems will get solved in the near future.

Detailed illustration of a minimally-invasive robotic surgery procedure, with telemanipulator, surgeon, assistant, anesthesiologist, and patient.

Robotic surgical system in hospital. Doctor at the Robotic surgical console.

Typical Operation Theatre layout during a  Robotic surgery. 

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