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Abdominal wall reconstruction

Damage to the abdominal wall due to hernias, prior abdominal surgery or other types of injury can lead to ongoing complications. A hernia takes place when the fascia of the abdominal wall separate, causing contents to protrude or bulge through this opening. Hernias can be painful and can also inhibit the function of the intestines and lungs. It can be difficult to engage in physical activity with a hernia and ongoing muscle function in the abdomen and back can degrade as a result. Incisional hernias can also linger even after weight loss, and can also be caused by infected wounds or other injuries.

It is possible to patch hernia injuries with a plastic mesh, but it is also possible to find a long-term solution that can close even large or complex abdominal hernias. The experienced plastic surgeons at Cold Spring Plastic Surgery can use your own body’s natural tissues and biologic assistance to repair a hernia and reconstruct the muscles of your abdominal wall.