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Inguinal & femoral hernia

A hernia is a condition that happens when an internal organ pushes against a weak area in the surrounding tissue or muscle. Men are more prone to this medical ailment compared to women. There are four common types of hernia— inguinal hernia, hiatal hernia, umbilical hernia, and femoral hernia.

A femoral hernia can be seen in older women and is less common than an Inguinal hernia, seen mostly in men. About 75 to 80% of people suffer from an inguinal or femoral hernia.

An inguinal hernia happens in the abdomen between the groin and the pubis. The bulge may increase in size when you put pressure on the abdomen while coughing or sneezing. A femoral hernia happens when a portion of your muscle tries to get back through the femoral canal consisting of veins, nerves, and arteries. A femoral hernia is also known as Femorocele. Here are a few differences that can help you identify the type of hernia you developed.